The three most important elements in the fully-calculated birth-chart are the Rising-sign, Sun-sign and Moon-sign in that order. 

We all know our Sun-sign, because we know the date on which we were born. The Sun-sign is, in the opinion of many astrologers, second in importance to our Rising-sign, which relies implicitly on the precise time and geographical location of our birth. Generally speaking, it is necessary for the layman either to learn how to calculate the Rising-sign by mathematical calculation (not too difficult), or to ask a competent astrologer to calculate it.

If you were born at or near sunrise, your Sun- and Rising-sign will be the same. This will double the emphasis of the characteristics of that sign on your personality, but do not forget that those characteristics will still work on two distinct levels of your personality. 

Similarly, if you were born at the time of the new Moon, your Sun- and Moon-signs will be the same, but again working on two levels. In both cases you will be known as a "double" Aries, Aquarius, or whatever.

The Sun-sign denotes our self-expression, and its characteristics relate to the way in which we present ourselves to the world. It can also have a very strong bearing on the way we look our overall image. 

The sign the Moon was in when we were born is also very individual to us, and like the Rising-sign it is not easy to discover unless one has an ephemeris (a book of tables showing the planets' positions for every day of the year). Once more, however, we have been able to surmount this difficulty.

This is a beginning. But there are some very important things to remember when building up an interpretation of these three factors. For instance, if your Sun-sign is Gemini, your Rising-sign Capricorn, and you have the Moon in Cancer, you are not just an amorphous combination of the characteristics of these three signs. Certain elements of their characteristics will be present in your personality, but it is vitally important that you learn how the three signs work for you as an individual.

The Sun-sign represents the "you" people experience when they first meet you. Your Rising-sign works at a different level, and represents the "real" you the "you" known to your lover, or your closest friend. When he or she hears other people talking about you, the chances are they will be describing your Sun-sign characteristics, but your lover will be able to add, "Yes, that is true, but ..." and go on to describe your Rising-sign characteristics.

Put this to the test yourself: read the section on image which relates to your Sun-sign. You will probably agree with a great deal that is said there. Then read the relevant piece on your Rising-sign, and note the difference. Soon the various levels will be clear to you.

To the Sun- and Rising-signs we can now add the Moon sign, and its group of characteristics. Traditional astrology asserts that the characteristics of the Moon-sign are those we inherit from our parents, and in many ways modern astrologers agree; but equally, your Moon-sign will show the way in which you instinctively respond to situations in life your reactions to them. 

For instance, there is a possessive tendency in all Sun and Rising-sign Taureans. If you have the Moon in Taurus, you will probably respond to certain situations in a possessive way, but because of other elements in your birth-chart you may loathe that reaction, and do everything you can to fight it. 

You could be very intuitive indeed if Cancer or Scorpio was a prominent sign in your birth-chart and if one of those is your Moon-sign, your immediate response to situations will be entirely intuitive and instinctive; logic and reason may play a part later, and this will relate to the prominence of other signs.

These points are crucial as you discover more about your birth-chart and the way to interpret it. It is a subtle business to get all the planetary positions into a coherent perspective, but with care you can certainly learn a great deal about yourself and your motivations, and hopefully this article will start you on a trail which will prove to be an unendingly fascinating study.


Aries as Sun-sign

Aries Sun-sign: March 21 - April 20

Aries is known as the pioneer of the Zodiac, and Ariens like to be first. Those who have this as their Sun-sign are generally uncomplicated in their attitude to life. They plan straightforwardly, and convince the rest of us that there are no complications in what they suggest. They come straight to the point, and do not allow themselves to be held up by details or by boring or niggling problems. In this way they can achieve a great deal, provided they get plenty of back-up from others, assisting them to fill in the detail of their plans, while they themselves move on to achieve further objectives and become more involved with new and yet more fascinating plans. 

The basic motivation of an Arien is to push ahead, and while it is not vital to them to be "top dog", they hate to lag behind their opponents. The out-in-front position is the truly rewarding one for them, and theirs is a very individual type of expression of ambition. They have plenty of determination which immediately comes to their aid once they have decided just what they want to do. An Arien who drifts mindlessly from one subject, job, or relationship, to the next (perhaps attempting to satisfy a need for a lively and varied sex-life) will be unfulfilled, and will feel restless and bored. 

Ariens have to make a tremendous effort to learn to be patient, and some may have to accept the fact that they will never succeed, and will have to call on other levels of their personality to help counter this failing. (Having Mercury or Venus in Taurus will help, if Aries is the Sun-sign.)

Aries & Emotions

The dominant Arien fault, selfishness, must be recognized as early in life as possible, and it is essential to govern it. Guilt, often coupled with some kind gesture such as a small but attractive gift, will be the result when an Arien has behaved selfishly to friend or lover. Ariens are passionate by nature, and their enthusiasm for sex and the sheer enjoyment of it is communicated to their partners, who, if sympathetic to Arien needs, will get a great deal of pleasure from the relationship.

Ariens have a considerable reserve of emotion which surfaces readily, and in a very positive way. They make really lively parents, and as their children get older do not generally have too much difficulty in coping with the generation gap. Physical exercise is extremely important to them, and sport, or any activity which makes demands on their physical energy, is excellent for them. Like their emotional level, their physical energy level is high, and needs plenty of positive expression.

Ariens will spare nothing in expressing their natural enthusiasm, and at least once in their lives will take some action which would prove extremely daunting to other less assertive people, hence their reputation for bravery. They are motivated to achieve a great deal. Because Aries is a Fire sign, they have enormous warmth, which is endearing to those who like lively, positive, extravert types.

Ariens cope extremely well with working in a busy and even noisy environment. The solitude and quiet of an office away from easy contact with colleagues is not very satisfactory for them, so even those in superior positions will compromise in order not to become remote or out of touch with what is going on in their business or at work.

Aries and the Family

Arien children will often feign laziness at school, because they are bored, and simply will not get involved in any subject that really does not interest them. They will cut out, drift off and think about their real interests, while the teacher fights a losing battle. It is therefore important for the parents of Sun or Rising-sign Ariens to nurture any interest that the young Arien expresses, and to make a special effort to keep his or her initial enthusiasm stirring, perhaps by gradually encouraging the child to take up ever more daunting challenges. 

The competitive spirit is powerful in them, even from an early age, and you can appeal to this. If young Aries does not "win" come out on top he or she will not have an easy time; but any setback will definitely encourage greater concentration next time round. Provided Ariens have plenty of opportunity to burn up energy and keep to a busy, lively schedule, they usually remain healthy. They have good physical resources.

Aries Physical Challenge

The Arien body-area is the head. Ariens either get an above-average number of headaches, or none at all; and the cause of such headaches is usually either eye-strain or a minor kidney disorder. Their tendency to cut and burn themselves is considerable, because they are often unduly hasty and rather careless when handling sharp tools or hot dishes. Knocks and cuts to the head are often common. The influence of Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, in that sign is of well above-average importance when Aries is the Sun- or Rising-sign, and will color the basic motivation and have a psychological and personal influence on the individual concerned.


Taurus Sun-sign

Taurus Sun-sign: April 21 -May 21

Taureans, to function properly, need to live their lives in the knowledge that they have the security of a regular income and a stable emotional relationship. When this is achieved they are in the right position to achieve a great deal. Their most outstanding virtue is patience, they will plod very steadily onwards, and soon learn that short cuts are usually disastrous for them. 

Taureans need a steady, predictable routine, but the sort of rut in which they may get themselves will increase their sense of much-needed security and, within its confines, they will achieve much. But Taureans must also make something of an effort to break new ground, do new and different things, and be open to the opinions of others in order to move with the times and to make sure that they are not missing out on life as it is actually being lived by other people.

Visit a Taurean's home and you will relax on comfortable cushions, find the colors used in decoration pleasing, and the place not lacking in beautiful things which will have cost the Taurean rather more than he or she can actually afford. This might seem superficial, but these outward expressions form an important part of the whole Taurean motivation.

Possessions to the Taurean are very important. In fact, possessiveness is the major Taurean fault. The two go together. Taureans love to own beautiful things, and they really do need to be aware that their partner is not an extension of this basic urge. The realization that no one can actually be possessed by another can be a cause of real heartache to Taureans. The sooner they learn to adopt a self-analytical and critical attitude in their expression of love the better, as this can help them to express themselves in a less claustrophobic way towards their partners.

Most Taureans have a happy knack either of making money or doing a great deal with what they have. They combine this with the ability to build up their own businesses and often with the aid of a more adventurous partner will achieve much. They also do extremely well in banking or working for large multinational companies, as their need for financial security is then taken care of, and they can express themselves in the knowledge that the regular pay-check will arrive when expected.

Taurean Physical Challenge

The Taurean body-area is the throat; colds often begin here, with a sore throat or loss of voice. Taureans have the reputation of being the best looking people in the Zodiac, due partly to their ruling planet which is Venus. But because most Taureans love rich food, with heavy sweet things being particular favorites, they have a tendency to put on weight. Also, they are often slow movers and so do not burn up their additional calories very quickly, so a conscious and continual check on the amount of food and wine they consume is essential if they are going to keep the good looks they so often have when they are young.

Taureans in the Family

Taureans make kind and loving parents, but tend to spoil their children with too many expensive presents. They can be on the strict side when disciplining their children, which may or may not be a good thing according to the individual child. Taurean children are delightful, but it is important for their parents not to rush them. Slow, steady progress is their way, and no sudden bursts should be expected. But once a Taurean has learned something, excellent powers of retention come into play. 

Many Taureans are extremely musical and it can become an important form of self-expression for them if they study singing or a musical instrument. To others the appreciation of music is important. Some will get great satisfaction from embroidery, sewing, pottery, and sculpture. Basically artistic and appreciative of the arts, they sometimes need encouragement to get a round to spending time and energy in this direction. It is good when involvement along these lines occurs, since it is one way of preventing any tendency towards being marginally sybaritic at times.

Gemini Sun-sign

Gemini Sun-sign: May 22- June 21

Perhaps the most dominant Geminian characteristic is versatility. Gemini will never only be involved in one specialist area of one subject and will never get stuck in a rut. If, of necessity, he or she is forced into that position, they will suffer considerably not only from boredom something which they come near to fearing but more deeply psychologically, too. 

The ruling planet of Gemini, which is Mercury, gives them a powerful need to communicate at all levels, and more often than not it will be Gemini who will speak up when something is wrong, will write to the newspapers, or contribute to a "phone-in" on radio or television.

At a more personal level, the need to communicate works well for Geminians because they have the ability to build up an excellent rapport with their partners, so that brooding and discontent are kept at a minimum. An air of activity surrounds most Geminians they tend always to be in a hurry   illustrated by their very distinctive, springy, fast walk. 

It is absolutely vital that from an early age Geminians should be helped to develop consistency of effort, because there is a strong tendency to be always moving on to some new interest or project, leaving a trail of unfinished tasks. While in many cases a little knowledge of a great many subjects can be of advantage to Geminians, it is good for them to have some kind of structured framework in their interests, in order that superficiality does not mar real progress.

Gemini and Emotions

Basically, Gemini is rational and logical, and when their emotions surface they sometimes mistrust them. However, the position of Mercury should be considered here. Its influence on Gemini is not entirely intellectual for this sign it has a personal and psychological significance. If the planet is in Taurus or Cancer a greater balance is achieved, while if in Gemini with the Sun the tendency will be to suppress or at least question the emotions and intuitions, which will be thought of as irrational and illogical.

The worst Geminian fault is superficiality, and if this can be mitigated by the development of deeper understanding and experience, the individual will have much to offer.

Many Geminians carve successful careers in all branches of the media: they make excellent interviewers, and the breadth of their interests allows them plenty of scope for expression and satisfaction. Careers in telecommunications and the travel industry are rewarding and suitable, and Geminians also make superb salesmen and women. Advertising is another field in which this lively Zodiac type will find fulfillment and success. They are also excellent in argument and debate, and very often, for sheer pleasure, provoke what they call "discussion" which usually turns into quite a verbal battle, with Gemini swearing that he never ever changes his mind.

Gemini has very special needs in emotional relationships. Intellectual rapport and a high level of lively friendship is vital, and a partner who enjoys a varied sex-life which has scope for experiment. This Zodiac sign is flirtatious by nature, which makes Geminians great fun. They are usually fortunate enough to keep a youthful appearance, and on the whole tend to be slim, which puts them at a considerable advantage in many respects.

Gemini and the Family

An ability to keep up-to-date with new developments and the younger generation makes Geminians splendid parents no generation-gap problems here, indeed often the reverse is true, and some children seem older than their Geminian parents. The Gemini child should be encouraged to develop consistency of effort but never told to do "one thing at a time" they simply cannot function that way.

Gemini Physical Challenge

The Geminian body-area covers the shoulders, arms and hands which are accident-prone. The lungs too are Gemini ruled, so coughs should not be ignored. There is also an accent on the nervous system, and it is up to Gemini to find a satisfactory cut-out to counter tension and restlessness.

Cancer Sun-sign

Cancer Sun-sign: June 22 - July 22

Challenge a Cancerian and at once you will see his or her natural self-defensive system come into play. The need to protect themselves and their loved ones is an extremely basic instinct with people of this Sun-sign. Used positively it is marvelously helpful, but sometimes it can result in their becoming too easily annoyed, so that a slight "huffiness" is displayed at the mildest opposition. The need to protect and look after others is second nature, and indeed usually emerges at an early age; children of this sign are good at looking after wild birds or any creature that has been injured, and it is an excellent thing for them to do. 

Cancerians are extremely tenacious and hard working once they have decided on a course of action, whether it relates to a life-long career or interest, or to some minor domestic task or project. The tendency to hoard is very strong, so much so that it is very easy for Cancerians to fill their homes with clutter, of which it is almost impossible to rid themselves.

The instinct and intuition of the Cancerian is second to none, and is something that should be developed and used to the full. When a Cancerian "feels" that something is going to happen, or instinctively "knows" what decision to make, the chances of their being right are very high indeed. Cancerians are unfortunately terribly prone to worry, and it is no good whatsoever to tell them to stop it. To counter this, they should follow their instinct and learn to put no psychological barriers between whatever is bothering them and this marvelous source of strength.

Cancers and Emotions

The Cancerian emotional level is very high, and needs constructive channeling. Much emotion will be spent on lovers and children no generalization where Cancer is concerned. They also have an extremely powerful imagination, and this too needs careful consideration and control. The Cancerian with no creative or positive outlet for these resources will find that they tend to become dominant. If any member of the family is late home, for instance, imagination will insist that disaster has struck, and there will be irrational worry the children's train has plummeted over a cliff, the car has crashed.... 

Cancerians should use their imaginations, but in a creative way, perhaps by making beautiful things, telling bedtime stories to the children (and maybe going on to write them down), or becoming involved in some aspect of history or collecting the past is very much alive for most Cancerians.

Career-wise, they do well in any of the caring professions. The hotel and catering trades are good areas, as is the Navy. Teaching is also a rewarding career for them, and there is many a Cancerian antique dealer or historian.

Cancers and the Family

Cancerians make marvelous parents, though they can become too easily upset when the children leave home, and in general may be rather too clinging. They do, however, provide a marvelous home life and background in which children develop naturally and well, and those children will always feel that they and their own offspring will be welcome at home.

Cancerians make marvelously sensuous lovers, but must try not to be oversensitive. Their natural tendency to say rather harsh things can cause friction, and they in their turn become very easily upset if criticized. But their tenderness and warmth do a lot to stimulate good rapport between themselves and their lovers.

Cancerian Physical Challenge

The Cancerian body-area is the chest. This can be a vulnerable area, but as most Cancerians are prone to worry this too can affect their health mostly causing digestive problems, which may in themselves be a signal of worry, before the subject consciously realizes that this is creeping up on him or her.

Leo Sun-sign

Leo Sun-sign: July 23-August 23

Leo, the lion, the king of the jungle, must of necessity have his or her own individual kingdom whether it is large or small. The ability of people with this Sun-sign to organize their own lives and the lives of others is paramount, as is their ability to lead. There is no doubt about it, a really flourishing Leo will make the most of this potential, sometimes stretching ability too far. There will be great satisfaction in inspiring others to make more of themselves, too, and in trying to impress upon them that the development of, and concentration on, talent is the best way to ensure a fulfilled and rewarding life. 

Leos get as much out of life as possible, and will always do things in as big a way as possible spending more money than they should sometimes simply to show off. When the individual is truly developed and has gained more experience of life, money will be spent freely because he or she really appreciates quality. As for those Leos who are not well off, they will much prefer a coffee in a five-star hotel to a meal in a cheap bistro.

There is creative potential in all Leos, and the more it is expressed the better it is for them, psychologically. This does not necessarily mean that they will all be involved in the fine arts in some way, but that creativity, in the broadest sense of the word, must come into their personal scheme of things. They are ambitious perhaps for a better lifestyle than one suggested by the mere accumulation of money; a good lifestyle, for them, need by no means cost a great deal, though Leo will probably have to achieve quite a good financial backing in order to cope with what he or she finally wants to do.

While magnanimous, Leos are often accused of bossiness and not without reason. Inwardly they know that they are capable of organizing other people's lives far better than those others themselves, and find it quite difficult not to interfere. While there is a certain enjoyment in being "boss", it is also true to say that Leos will be willing slaves to someone whom they admire and respect. They need to be in a position of prominence themselves, however, if they are really to shine.

There is a natural sense of drama in every Sun-sign Leo, and they revel in it. They should not, however, just go in for making a fuss, creating scenes in public, but should use their dramatic sense to bring inspiration, light, and color into other people's lives. They should use this sense to set an example to those they come into contact with, and if they see that someone has improved their lifestyle, attitude, or any sphere of their life, then this will make Leo very happy, for every Leo believes that life is for the living, and to be enjoyed to the full. And they will work hard to achieve their ambitions, too, whether personal or career orientated.

Leos and Emotions

Enthusiasm and a positive, fiery emotion are very much part of the Leo personality, and are expressed vividly in the attitude towards sex and emotional relationships. Leos can inspire their partners to greater achievement, and will do much to make marriage and permanent relationships work well, but must certainly be careful not to dominate their partners too determinedly. Their real strength lies in positive support and the continuing development of their own and their loved ones' individual interests.

Leos and the Family

Leos make lively enthusiastic parents, encouraging their children to keep busy both in and out of school. They tend to expect too much from them, and must be very careful indeed to allow them to develop along their own individual lines and not to over influence them, especially where the choice of career is concerned.

Leo Physical Challenge

The Leo body-area is the back. Many Leos have long straight backs and walk very well, but do tend to suffer from backache from time to time. Leo also rules the heart, so the circulation should be watched especially during cold weather, which most Leos do not like at all. It is quite common for Leos to have a real lion's mane of hair, and, also rather lion-like, they usually have small waists.

Virgo Sun-sign

Virgo Sun-sign: August 24-September 22

Of all 12 signs, Virgo is the busiest. Those who have it as their Sun- or Rising-sign will surround themselves with a great many tasks, so that their day is full of activity. It is very difficult indeed for them to relax totally putting their feet up and doing nothing has no great appeal, so the best way for them to cut out is to move from work which is intellectually demanding to something that makes greater demands on their physical energy. 

Virgoan organizing ability is not very strong, and sometimes a fair amount of time and energy is wasted because they do not allow themselves enough time to get tasks sorted out or executed in an orderly way.

Here we have the critic of the Zodiac, and it is usual for Virgoans to work in a very analytical way on small details. They give marvelous support to "front" men and women, making excellent secretaries and personal assistants, and usually enjoying that kind of role rather than one which carries heavy responsibility. It is, alas, far too often the case that Virgoans are imposed upon. They have by nature a very strong sense of duty, and this can sometimes be carried to extremes, so that a young Virgoan woman will sacrifice her career to look after an aging or sick mother, who will become more and more demanding of her and her time and energy.

If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it, or ask a Virgoan the chances are that you will get a quick response, and full value. And how difficult it can be to try to repay any good turn that Virgoans do for us.

Virgo Physical Challenge

Because they have such a high level of nervous energy there is always a danger of tension getting the upper hand, and as a result many Virgoans suffer from bad headaches or migraine. While they are basically very logical and tremendously practical people, worry frequently gets the better of them. This will have a negative effect on their digestion (Virgo's body-areas are the stomach and bowels), and very often this symptom emerges before the individual actually realizes that he or she is over concerned about some tricky problem. 

There are marvelous ways in which this Zodiac type can counter worry, and it is by using their practical and analytical approach to life that they will best overcome it. When faced with problems, they should take pencil and paper and make careful notes of every aspect of the situation; this will help clarify in their minds what line of positive action will eventually be necessary.

Because Virgoans like to live active and busy lives, they enjoy filling their out-of-work hours with a great many hobbies and interests. If they are at all artistically inclined, craft-work using natural materials wool, clay, wood and so on is particularly rewarding. They often have green fingers, and love tending gardens and potted plants. To ward off tension, demanding physical exercise is excellent for them, with walking, cycling, and jogging, being especially beneficial. Many Virgoans are attracted to vegetarianism, and even more enjoy whole foods; they make good practitioners of fringe medicine, and are often enthusiastic about it. 

Virgo and the Family

Just as Virgoans are discriminating and critical in other areas of life, so are they in personal relationships. They choose partners very carefully. There is a natural modesty about any Virgo in love: "He/she will never take any notice of me" tends to be the cry when Virgo is attracted to a new partner. They make good parents, and are especially keen to develop their children's intellects. Sometimes they tend to carp or nag their children (and their partners) a little too much, but usually only when they are tense or under strain caused by other problems. Virgoan children are popular at school, willing to help with small tasks, which make the teacher's job easier.

Libra Sun-sign

Libra Sun-sign: September 23 - October 23

Perhaps more than with any of the other signs of the Zodiac, the symbol for this sign the balance sums up very accurately the basic motivation and needs of the individual who has it emphasized in his or her birth-chart. Balance and harmony are crucial if Libra is going to function at all well, and it is the vital factor if they are going to live a fulfilled and satisfying life. 

Librans are not loners. They need to relate to other people in a well above average way and in all spheres of their lives, most importantly of course with a permanent partner. They have a great deal of love and affection to give to their lovers, and it is only when a stable relationship is cemented that Librans become psychologically whole and function to the full. Sometimes, however, this need is so great that they will commit themselves prematurely, and as a result suffer very considerably when things go wrong.

A peaceful existence is also an important priority and the theme of "anything for a quiet life" is a recurring one. Interestingly, however, Librans need a great deal of reassurance that they are being loved, and it is not uncommon for them to go in for "rocking the boat" tactics to get that particular reassurance. They will sometimes aggravate their partners and provoke a row because it is so nice when they make up afterwards. They may not care to admit that this happens, but it does, and it is all part of Libra's interesting but not uncomplicated set-up. But it is keeping the peace that they care most about, and this leads us to consider the possibility of their inherent indecisiveness. 

"Wait and see" is a constant cry. They will not commit themselves, and if the possible outcome of a firm decision might be marginally unpleasant or even more importantly unpopular with their partners, then the chances are that they will simply wait until the situation does not exist any more. It seems that the reason for this is that they do not want to upset their partners, and the whole thing is rooted in their inherent need for harmony. But Libra has great charm, and can achieve a great deal "all in good time". They are not to be rushed but are seldom late. Some astrologers consider them lazy, but I have not found this to be so.

Libra and the Family

Librans make easy-going parents, but will often pass the buck. A Libra mother will say "See what Daddy says, dear" rather than come up with a straight answer, which can be more than annoying to anxious, enthusiastic children. Libra children will break down even the toughest adult defenses, and will wind the strictest teachers round their little fingers.

Libra Physical Challenge

Libra rules the kidneys and those strongly influenced by this sign could be prone to slight kidney disorders. If they suffer from headaches this could be the cause. But their well balanced lives and the balance is so important to them will usually ensure that they keep healthy.

When it comes to choosing careers, Librans do well as agents or in any role in which they have to negotiate between two people or groups of people. They should aim always to work in partnership, and could do splendidly in the diplomatic corps.

Spare-time interests most likely to appeal are those aligned to beauty, and which have in a sense a relaxing air to them. Music is often important; many Librans make excellent accompanists, for instance. Dress-making and all kinds of sewing are rewarding, while golf and bridge also come high on the list. Social dancing and tennis are also popular.

Scorpio Sun-sign

Scorpio Sun-sign: October 24-November 22

This, the eighth sign of the Zodiac, is the strongest, offering the greatest resources of both emotional and physical energy. Those born with Scorpio prominently placed in their birth chart must find ways of using these resources positively and in a fulfilling way. This is best achieved by expression in a career.

No mere "job" is good enough for a high-powered Scorpio they should spend their working hours doing something they consider worthwhile as well as engrossing. It does not matter whether this calls for some highly developed skill or extended study, as long as it is meaningful to the individual. When it is, then all is well, and energy will be directly channeled through this vital involvement. 

It is to be remembered, then, that Scorpios are capable of a great deal, and the more they have to do, the better it is for them. The worst thing possible for them is when their abundant resources stagnate; then, a lot can go wrong they will be bored, and waste their talents; worse still, Scorpio faults of jealousy and to a certain extent envy usually of those who are making the grade will emerge.

Scorpio and Emotions

Scorpio emotional intensity is terrific and this, too, needs positive direction and expression through a rewarding sex-life. However, the sexy element of this sign is often somewhat overstressed. It is vitally important to most Scorpios, and probably in an above-average way, but there are many other ways in which their energy can be directed, and as I have hinted, it is very often through the achievement of daunting objectives. 

It is also true that this drive and determination can sometimes become obsessive, and it is important that the individual realizes that he or she may tend to become too involved. If this happens, other factors in life may be neglected, which might eventually lead to a kind of imbalance which is not healthy, either physically or psychologically. However, this in itself is probably preferable to the reverse situation inactivity caused by unemployment or some other reason not directly connected with the Scorpio himself. Restlessness, stagnation, and discontent are the greater evils.

Scorpios are the natural detectives of the Zodiac. They make superb researchers, working scientifically or in libraries. Many engineers are Scorpios, as are prominent members of the armed services. The wine and oil trades are also attractive to Scorpios. From a purely physical point of view, this Zodiac type needs a lot of exercise, and many will enjoy demanding sports. Boxing, the martial arts in general, diving, and underwater swimming are all rewarding and popular.

Scorpio Physical Challenge

The Scorpio body-area is the genitals, and it may well be this connection that has given Scorpio the sexiest image of all the 12 signs. There is a vulnerability to throat infections due to the influence of the Scorpio polar sign, Taurus. 

Scorpio and the Family

Scorpios make demanding but exciting partners. They have a great love of life and never do things by half. They need partners with a similar attitude to life. Although many are of a wiry build, more tend to put on weight, usually due to good living, and this is something that needs conscious controlling. Alas, Scorpios do not find it easy to cut down in any way.

Scorpios want their children to be as energetic and as fulfilled as they are themselves, and will be demanding but inspiring parents. If the Scorpio child is the eldest, great care must be taken and attention paid so that when a younger brother or sister is born there is no cause for jealousy the worst Scorpio fault. But the children of this sign will achieve a great deal once they have become dedicated to some specific interest or subject, and such interests must be allowed to blossom.

Sagittarius Sun-sign

Sagittarius Sun-sign: November 23 -December 21

Challenge, and a need to feel free to express themselves in their own individual way, are the two most important requisites for those who have this sign emphasized in their birth-charts. They cannot function satisfactorily without either. 

Put a lively Sagittarian in a situation where he or she has work that is repetitive, or makes no demands on them, and they will crumble. But many, of course, have to cope with such dreary circumstances, and then it is important that they should work out ways to divert their attention from what is basically an unrewarding set-up. Usually Sagittarius is resilient enough to find interesting alternatives, and it is vital that they do so, otherwise the psychological suffering they will have to endure will be nearly intolerable.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, and this element makes its presence felt through a high level of enthusiasm for life and individual interests. To this it is possible to add that Sagittarians are keen to enjoy all aspects of life in a very positive way, and as they do so they will also inspire others to get as much out of life and their abilities as they do themselves. But challenge must be there; if it is not, then Sagittarians must create it by presenting ideas to those who matter, and by showing others precisely what they are made of. 

It is important though, that in the pursuit of many varied and diverse interests, they do not lose out on the full development of what they can do best. It is also a good thing for those of this sign to express their versatility in a controlled way by doing many different things, but making quite sure that one project is completed before another is started, so that when a year's work is assessed there will be a feeling that a great deal has been achieved in a variety of fields.

A lot is said about sport and the Sagittarian. I tend to think this is overstressed, having found no greater number of sportspeople born under this sign than any other. They do most certainly need exercise, and often enjoy it more than many Zodiac types, and it is true that a young Sagittarian will be "coltish"; hopefully, however, as time passes they will develop fine, somewhat philosophically orientated qualities which will be a source of inspiration to others. Restlessness is a major fault, but can be overcome once the individual has sorted out his or her real objectives, and decided that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the hedge.

There is plenty of scope where careers are concerned. The intellectual Sagittarian will enjoy publishing or may work well in the fields of higher education, and working abroad often appeals, since many of this sign have a fine flair for languages. The veterinary profession can also be rewarding. Tradition suggests that the Law and the Church are quintessentially Sagittarian.

Sagittarians and Emotions

Claustrophobic conditions of any kind cannot be tolerated by this Zodiac group, especially when it comes to emotional relationships, chiefly because of their need for freedom of expression. Obviously, if they want a meaningful relationship to last, they have to compromise to a certain extent, but it is important that they are not constrained by a partner who is jealous, or does not fully understand the way they function.

Rather less importantly, Sagittarians hate a room with no view it makes them feel closed in. Their sense of fun is infectious and their positive, extrovert enthusiasm second to none. This is the sign of the hunter, but that does not mean that they enjoy the pursuit of wild animals; interestingly they do enjoy hunting for bargains in junk shops.

Sagittarians make exhilarating partners in spite of their need for freedom, and will always encourage their lovers to develop their individual interests. They need an energetic, lively sex life and will get very bored indeed with a partner who has no sense of fun or who is too pessimistic in outlook. 

Sagittarian Physical Challenge

If they keep busy and active they are usually very healthy, but the hips and thighs the Sagittarian body-areas are vulnerable, and it is here that most Sagittarians (Sun- and Rising-sign types) put on weight very easily. The liver is also Sagittarian ruled, hence slight "liverishness" and hangovers can be a problem.

Sagittarians and the Family

Sagittarians also make extremely lively and somewhat demanding parents no bad thing, as they will certainly get a great deal out of their children because of their ability to encourage them in just the right way. Children of this sign must be given a lot of positive encouragement, but may need controlling in a gentle but firm way so that their exuberance does not become too overwhelmingly boisterous.

Capricorn Sun-sign

Capricorn Sun-sign: December 22 - January 20

Capricorn is the sign of the Goat. Here we have someone who is sure-footed and negotiates every obstacle with care but with a lively step. Only getting to the top will do, and a great deal of determination will be present in the character to help Capricorns every step of the way. 

People with this Sun-sign will not stride upwards without reflection, we must not forget that here is an Earth sign, and the influence of that element is ever-present. Every decision will be carefully taken, every challenge and opportunity carefully assessed, so that risks are minimal. The free-ranging mountain goat will then be able to use every bit of potential to the full, and feel that life is worth living.

But what of the other half of Capricorn? Remember that the creature of the sign is only half goat. It has a fish's tail. Is this the "wet fish" side of Capricorn? Or the poor domestic goat, forever tethered to a post in the valley, and in no position to scale the mountain top? Both, I think, for in essence they are similar. A negative, hopeless attitude can make its presence felt with those of this sign. Many feel that they will never "get on" in life because there is so much against them. When this is the case, their friends and lovers must do their best to reassure them. 

As I have said, there are two distinct types of Capricorn. Our lively "giddy" mountain goat, and our "wet fish", or if you prefer it, our "domestic animal". Basically it is not difficult to decide which category our Capricorn friends fall into, but what is interesting is the fact that they will from time to time reverse their roles, so that unexpectedly we will find the lively, positive, aspiring mountain goat making its presence felt in someone who tends in general to be negative in outlook, and we can get more than the odd grumble and moan from our surefooted, ambitious Capricorn friends.

One of this sign's most endearing qualities is its off-beat sense of humor. We find the most dour, serious-minded Capricorn suddenly making the most unusual and witty remark natural to them and a delight to others. Very often at such times they themselves will smile a grimacing kind of smile the corners of their mouths turned down rather than up an instantly recognizable characteristic.

Capricorn and Emotions

It is often the case that those born under this sign do not have a ready gushing flow of emotion. There is a tendency to coolness in love, for instance, and enthusiasm for new ideas may be somewhat muted by their typical matter-of-fact attitude. However, once committed in love they have tremendous loyalty, and while most young Capricorns will to a certain extent "play the field", on a more serious level they are usually discriminating. 

Capricorns have on the whole very good powers of concentration, and long arduous study will pay off. Short cuts do not. There is, too a considerable sense of pride, and their inherent ambition will encourage them to aspire to move up the social scale. A desire to impress other people is also characteristic.

Capricorn Physical Challenge

The Capricorn body-areas are the knees and shins, these are vulnerable, as are the teeth, skin, and bones. Capricorns make good athletes, and long-distance running and rock-climbing are sports that could well appeal. Individual effort can be more fulfilling than participation in team games; Capricorns do well on their own and can cope with loneliness far better than many Zodiac types.

Capricorn and the Family

Capricorn parents are eager for their children's progress and so will make considerable demands on them. Sometimes they can become somewhat remote from their children. They are very keen to carve a better life for them than they themselves had, and as a result they may become preoccupied with their own careers, and have less fun with their children than they might. Parents of Capricorn children should help them to develop warmth and sensitivity.

Aquarius Sun-sign

Aquarius Sun-sign: January 21-February 18

Aquarius is the individualist of the Zodiac. Show two people with this sign prominent in their birth-charts a list of characteristics of the sign, and the only thing they will agree on is the fact that they share none of them. This sign bestows a great need for independence, which very often emerges in the building of a rather special and somewhat different lifestyle. 

Aquarians are some of the kindest, most helpful and friendly people of the Zodiac. They have a happy knack of knowing when help is needed and will give it freely without ulterior motives. However, although we may know them extremely well, if we think seriously about it, they are in many ways extremely private people. This could well be because of their need to be independent, and while having the capacity to give much of themselves to others, they do not want to get too emotionally involved or find themselves in a situation which is at all cloying or heavy.

Aquarians and Emotions

Unfortunately it is often the case that a great many people with this sign stressed in their birth-charts have considerable psychological difficulty in relating intensely and in depth to other people. The reason for this is very complex, and does of course vary considerably from individual to individual, but basically it may well come back to the very powerful inherent need for independence. To live with someone, or to marry them, must of necessity mean that considerable independence is relinquished, and when it comes to a total commitment, many Aquarians do not feel they can make what to them is a considerable sacrifice. 

But let it be stressed that there are obviously a great many who have Aquarius as Sun-, Rising-, or Moon-sign, yet are settled and fulfilled in their permanent relationship. These will understand my comments, but other planets will have given them support where it is most needed, and the problem has been solved.

Aquarians have great originality and real flair, which can be used in a variety of fields, and should be allowed full expression. They often do well in the so-called glamour professions theatre, television, the beauty trades, or anywhere where their originality can be expressed freely and rewardingly. Many carve successful careers in science, and interestingly it is very often the case that Aquarians are fascinated by the remote past and the equally remote and distant future archaeology and geology at one end of the scale, and space fact and fiction at the other. This too can color the choice of spare-time interests.

Aquarians and the Family

Aquarians make excellent forward-looking parents, and will sympathize with their children when they become involved with the concerns and crazes of their generation. But, surprisingly, Aquarians can be very stubborn and extremely unpredictable, and it is their children, as much as their friends and partners, who will become aware of these particular, and to all intents and purposes, somewhat unexpected traits.

Parents of Aquarian children must respect their tremendous need for independence, and learn to accept it and the fact that while they may appear somewhat zany there is probably more common sense in their personalities than may appear on the surface. Interests that are way out or wild must not be discouraged here is young Aquarius expressing his or her originality.

Aquarian Physical Challenge

The Aquarian body-area is the ankles. These are vulnerable. The circulation is also ruled by Aquarius, and it is necessary to keep it moving well. Skiing is often enjoyed, and is good exercise. Dance, aerobics, and athletics are all excellent.

Pisces Sun-sign

Pisces Sun-sign: February 1 9-March 20

Pisces is the poet of the Zodiac. With signs of the Water element, emotion is plentifully expressed at a moment's notice: the dilating pupils of the Piscean eyes will at once tell us when the individual is moved. 

Pisces is, of course, the sign of the fishes. But look at the symbol two fishes swimming in opposite directions, with a cord in their mouths connecting them. This sums up Pisces beautifully, for along with Gemini and Sagittarius, this is the third of the "dual" signs of the Zodiac, giving the usual versatility, but also in this case a tendency to oppose the self. Though Pisceans know what they want to do, for reasons best known or possibly unknown to themselves, they often tend to take a totally different line of action, and in doing so can cause chaos and confusion for themselves. This kind of action seems a psychological necessity for many Pisceans, and it may have its roots in their highly developed sensitivity to other people's feelings, for they put their own feelings very low on their list of priorities. This can certainly make life extremely complicated. 

But there are other reasons, too, for in their Piscean confusion they often deceive themselves (tending to drift up on to cloud nine) and will also tell the odd white lie to get themselves out of any mildly tricky situation. However, it does not end there for they then have to go in for ever-increasing cover-ups, and all too soon the situation has got out of hand and Pisces is in dead trouble either at work, or with their parents or lovers. It is hard for them to learn that this is not the way to a truly rewarding and fulfilling life; but once they realize this crucial fact they develop in a very positive and rewarding way.

Here we have the kindest and most charitable of all the signs. Pisceans will make many sacrifices for other people, a trait they share with their polar or opposite sign, Virgo. Sometimes this tendency will get out of hand, and the marvelous potential present in most Pisceans is frittered away, or comes to nothing, because Pisces is otherwise occupied. 

But it might just be that Pisces will divert time and energy in some "sacrificial" way because of an inherent lack of self-confidence. If they are busy caring for others, or fulfilling a supportive role, then they do not have to fight to keep up with opponents in their field or cope with the rat race. Opting out, they find that a cloistered life gives them a sense of security, and this in a subtle way is a modern expression of the religious aspects of this sign, the "monk-like" or "nun-like" aspirations of the past, in essence very Piscean. They do particularly well in the caring or medical professions.

But what of the Pisces poet? Of course, not all Pisceans go dreamily around with notebook in hand composing verses, though when they do, they do it very well. There is, however, creative ability in most Pisceans. It needs tremendous support and encouragement from partners, as do all practical aspects of their lives. When this is available, their talent emerges strongly. They make excellent dancers and ice-skaters and enjoy swimming, and all these activities are physically good for them. But above all it is involvement in the fine arts that is particularly satisfying on all levels.

Pisces and Emotions

Pisceans make excellent, warm lovers, and their abundant emotion is expressed well and positively in this sphere of their lives. They should be careful not to allow their feelings to get out of perspective, or their ample imaginations to run away with them. 

Pisces and the Family

Pisces need a sound, sensible, but sensitive partner. They tend, as parents, to be too kind, and may perhaps let their children get away with "murder". This is something their partners should look out for, and if necessary intervene if children seem to be getting out of hand.

Pisces Physical Challenge

The Pisces body-area is the feet. Pisceans either have marvelously neat ones, and no trouble, or are in constant difficulty. Shoes will either be a perennial problem, or a continual source of delight. There is a tendency to worry, which may cause stomach upsets. When troubled in this way, Pisceans should fall back on their ample intuition and natural instincts.

Aries as Rising-sign

Those with Aries rising will make a considerable impact on others. They will instigate large, successful projects, and will devote much of their time and energy to the achievement of horrendously ambitious objectives. 

Their powerful motivation is not so much downright ambition for success in the usual worldly sense of the word indeed, it is often the case that such things as a huge house and expensive possessions do not mean a very great deal to them but they are prompted to ever greater efforts by the steady advancement of opponents or rivals who seem to be overtaking them. 

The tendency to selfishness can show itself in what seems to be ruthlessness, for if they were to give consideration to others, they would of necessity have to interrupt the flow of their own energy and concentration on main objectives. 

There is in the Rising-sign Arien an element of their personality which will emerge in their attitude to their partners kindness, lovingness, and the search for a well-balanced, harmonious life. In other words, where the most important man or woman in their life is concerned, they express themselves in the manner of their polar or opposite sign across the Zodiac, which is Libra. This is something that will almost certainly go unnoticed by even close friends; it is reserved for partners. 

The drive and sense of urgency in life is overwhelmingly powerful when Aries rises; it is of prime importance to them. They need to set themselves objectives which will motivate and reward them. It is only in this way that they will achieve a sense of fulfillment, and burn up all their energy emotional and physical in a really rewarding way, quelling restlessness, impatience and negative aggression.

Taurus as Rising-sign

Although the individual with Taurus rising may not give the impression that he or she needs to feel more than usually secure, the underlying need will be very much present, and, as is the case with Sun-sign Taureans, will relate to both financial and emotional security. 

The tendency will be gradually to build towards their important objectives in life and Taurean patience will see to it that nothing is rushed. 

There is a strong sense of ambition, and a need for and love of beautiful things is also in evidence. But the main emphasis is on material progress; the individual may well become over concerned with the amount of money he or she makes, and the amount of property owned, rather than with the development of true aesthetic values. If works of art are bought they will be appreciated, but the excitement of investment potential cannot be denied.

In emotional relationships there is a high level of intensity and passion. This Taurean could make considerable demands on a partner, but in return the partner would know that the relationship is very deep, sincere, and meaningful. The Taurean ability to enjoy life and get a great deal of pleasure from all aspects of it would definitely add a marvelous dimension to the relationship. 

However, Taurean possessiveness will certainly emerge, as will a strong element of jealousy, which could be totally unfounded. It is simply something that someone sharing the life of a Taurus-rising type will have to come to terms with, trying to get their partner to understand the weakness not an easy thing to do. It is here that the emphasis of the Taurean polar sign, Scorpio, will be in evidence, but it will only affect the attitude to the partner.

Gemini as Rising-sign

Someone with Gemini rising will find that the Geminian characteristics will marry in an interesting way with their Sun-sign characteristics. Should you, for instance, have Gemini rising but a "strong silent" Sun-sign such as Scorpio, there will be a very lively, talkative, perhaps adventurous person, with a liking for everything that is new and different inside you somewhere, "trying to get out". 

An individual with Gemini rising may be quieter in company than at home or with close friends. 

In many cases, objectives will be clear cut, and there will be singleness of purpose matched with great versatility and variety of interest in any chosen field of study or career. Geminian duality will work in a rather different way, when Gemini rises. 

It is often the case that while this type is as versatile as someone with a Gemini Sun-sign, they can be more attracted to working through a great variety of projects in turn, rather than having many different jobs on the go at the same time. This is, in essence, a good thing for them, for restlessness can be a more deep-rooted problem than they may care to admit to, or accept.

When Gemini rises, the need for challenge and a tendency to enjoy taking risks can emerge, and the need for freedom of expression within a permanent relationship is something that must not be ignored, and indeed will have to be accepted by a partner.

Cancer as Rising-sign

The powerful Cancerian characteristics will be primarily directed towards the partner and family, and apart from the strong self-defensive system, may well not be at all obvious to those who come into contact with the individual on a day-today or casual basis. There will be considerable inner strength and determination, and certainly tenacity of purpose, with the attainment of objectives high on the list of priorities.

These Cancerians will tend to do even more than is strictly necessary for their families, sometimes to the point where they will even neglect their loved ones to work intensively in an attempt to build a better life for them. Care is needed in this respect, for it can cause a certain amount of conflict.

Perhaps one of the most powerful characteristics when Cancer rises is a shrewdness, which can be used in various ways. This is often apparent when it comes to business or finance, or may be applied to anything important to the individual. 

The tendency to worry, and perhaps to keep problems to themselves, can cause difficulty; those close to someone with Cancer rising should try to pick up signals and to get them to "open up" and talk when something causes them deep concern. Again, this can affect general health in much the same way as with Sun-sign Cancerians. It is also often the case when Cancer rises that the skin is particularly sensitive, and if it is fair it does not respond at all well to the sun.

The underlying attitude towards the partner may, surprisingly, become a little cool and distant. People with Cancer rising like to feel proud of their partners, and will sometimes go for relationships with those who are of a higher "class" or are better off than themselves status can be quite important to them. Sexually, however, we get the same sensual expression as with those who have Cancer as their Sun-sign.

Leo as Rising-sign

The well-known British astrologer Margaret Hone (who had Leo rising) used to say that the only thing to do when Leo rises is to keep it down. There does seem to be quite an element of truth in this statement, for Leo rising can, at times, make the individual autocratic a big fish in a small pond, and sometimes, too, someone who really will show off a great deal. But this usually happens when the person is unfulfilled, or perhaps lacking in confidence. The true light of the individual Leo Sun is then not shining properly, and it really needs to, if he or she is to function properly and fully, and to feel that life is at all worthwhile. This is also true of someone who has a Leo Sun-sign, but there self-expression seems to come alive rather more easily and readily; when Leo rises, a more complicated process must take place if the individual is to come to terms with his or her potential and personality.

In emotional relationships, Leo rising needs a partner who is "different" in some way someone who has achieved or will achieve something out of the ordinary, someone whom the Leo rising personality considers really striking. Sometimes they expect too much from their partners, and will often go through some traumatic experiences, and maybe an above-average number of broken romances, before finally coming to terms with this sphere of their lives.

Virgo as Rising-sign

The Mercurial need to communicate will be particularly important to people with Virgo rising, and although because of their Sun-sign they may not be especially talkative, once a good relationship has been established a pleasant liveliness will blossom. 

The practical, logical elements of Virgo are strong, but are only expressed after serious deliberation and constructive thought and always in relation to the characteristics of the Sun-sign. 

It is particularly good for this group to go in for a little self-analysis from time to time, because in turning these natural qualities towards the self, a great deal can be learned about basic motivation far more than is usually the case when other signs are rising. 

There is a lovely, soft kindheartedness and a tender expression of emotion which will emerge in permanent relationships. This is due to the influence of the polar or opposite sign, Pisces, which has a strong bearing on partnership for those with Virgo rising. This is unique, and will bring out traits that the individual may not be aware of until he or she settles into a relationship. It is also totally private to the couple themselves.

Libra as Rising-sign

The need for a good, rewarding, and permanent relationship is paramount when Libra rises, and achieving this becomes an important part of the Libran's psychological motivation. But the need to express affection in an outward and immediate way is less in evidence. 

Decisiveness or lack of it will be modified by the Sun- and Moon-signs, so that someone who has a powerful, rational, or very practical Sun-sign will be in a good position to bring those qualities into play at times of decision making, though it may well be that the individual, once having made up his or her mind, will often have second thoughts. 

There is a natural kindness and sympathy when Libra rises, but this does not necessarily weaken the individual. However, one interesting and unique factor is worth consideration. Between 1941 and 1957 Neptune made a long, slow journey through Libra. Those born with Libra rising at that time will have this planet very powerfully placed in their individual charts, so due attention must be given to it when assessing the characteristics of their Rising-sign. It could encourage them to take the line of least resistance, or if it works well, then these individuals will have considerable resources of inspiration and intuition to draw on. This factor is much stronger when Libra rises, than for those with Libra as their Sun-sign.

There is an additional influence, which works in relation to partnerships, when Libra rises. This centers on the Libran polar sign, Aries. There will be a forthright enthusiasm for, and energetic and particularly lively attitude towards sex, a keenness to make a go of permanent relationships, and a terrific will to work hard for and with the partner. The fire of Aries will sparkle indeed, and will be a delightful surprise to the subject and his or her partner once the relationship has got off the ground. Resentfulness is less likely to be a problem too.

Scorpio as Rising-sign

When Scorpio rises, drive, energy and dedication are still very much present and energy resources will give terrific force to the individual's mode of expression, whatever that might be.

Someone with, for example, a Leo Sun-sign and Scorpio rising will express their creativity with force and energy. Someone with a Gemini Sun might well become an investigative journalist. Scorpio, then, will provide the all-important backup, and the need to be emotionally involved with the chosen profession will be strengthened. The intensity of Scorpio will be present, while Scorpio rising may not necessarily show it. It will do a great deal to help strengthen powers of concentration. 

No matter what Sun-sign this person may have, the Scorpio characteristics will perhaps tend to overlay other characteristics, rather than to work at the deepest level of the personality. This is partly due to the very nature of the sign itself. These characteristics might show in the person's eyes which would be penetrating although he or she may well fight hard not to give the appearance of "looking right through people", which they are almost bound to do.

Someone with Scorpio rising will be an even more demanding partner than those with a Scorpio Sun-sign. Passion and intensity of feeling will almost pour out, and those on the receiving end will need considerable inner strength if they are going to get as much out of the relationship as Scorpio rising hopes they will. It is important for their joint well-being that each partner plays a part in building up a good rapport. It is only in this way that the energetic, demanding, but exciting qualities of Scorpio rising will be positively expressed, recognized, and reciprocated.

When Scorpio rises possessiveness towards the partner is something which needs to be controlled, otherwise jealous scenes are likely to occur. The sooner the individual realizes that jealousy is a negative emotion the better.

Sagittarius as Rising-sign

Many Sagittarian qualities complement and enhance the characteristics of the individual's Sun-sign. They will, for instance, counter the somewhat heavier, practical side of the Earth signs, and give a longer-lasting enthusiasm and strength of will to those who have an Air Sun-sign. 

Those who have Aries or Leo as their Sun-signs fare particularly well, since here we have a sympathy which is automatically present when two Fire signs come together, and provided there is enough to "anchor" the personality, there should be little reason for serious conflict.

But as always, the tendency to spread time and energy over too wide a field must be controlled. Care should be taken, too, that the inherent need for freedom does not get out of hand.

Love of challenge, which may not be taken up immediately but which will after due consideration be met with excitement and even joy, is very common, and it's as necessary for those with Sagittarius rising to have to stretch themselves intellectually and often physically through making their bodies function well, and keeping fit as it is for someone with a Sagittarian Sun-sign.

Basically, then, there is usually good potential when Sagittarius rises, and a keenness constantly to move forward in all spheres of life. If the individual feels thwarted, he or she has the ability to work out precisely why, and determination and the expenditure of excellent resources of emotion and energy will stand them in good stead.

The attitude towards partners and relationships is a lively, rather light one. Sagittarius rising will not allow themselves to be constrained by marriage or family commitments, and young mothers who have this placing must be sure to set aside some time for interests totally unconnected with the children.

Capricorn as Rising-sign

Capricorn rising gives considerable stability, and practical common sense second to none. According to the Sun-sign, however, there is often conflict between the positive expression of emotion, and its suppression. If other planets' placings indicate a high emotional intensity, it is up to the individual to learn to channel and control it, using Capricornian elements, and not simply to stop its flow at source, otherwise there will be quite serious complications.

Here is someone who will almost inevitably be in a superb position to shape his or her life, and to plan it in an extremely careful and practical way, so that self-expression, through the utilization of potential from the individual's Sun-sign, will really blossom.

Capricorn rising must not underestimate himself. This can all too often occur and it is usually due to lack of self-confidence, or to genuine shyness, which can be somewhat style-cramping. 

Anyone with Capricorn rising should develop an interest in music. If they are creative, this might well be their individual art form, for in many latitudes when Capricorn rises the sign Taurus is "on the Midheaven" , and both these signs have affinity with music. Sculpture and architecture may also be of interest.

In emotional relationships, Capricorn rising will develop an extremely tender, sensitive, and caring quality once committed to a long-term emotional relationship, picking up here the influence of its polar or opposite sign in the Zodiac, Cancer. Thus the loyalty of Capricorn is enhanced, and the emotional level increased in the best possible way.

Aquarius as Rising-sign

The inherent need for independence, and the Aquarius flair and originality, will be present but may not be immediately apparent. As far as general impressions are concerned, the qualities that make the Sun-sign Aquarian "different" and individual may not strike those who only know people with Aquarius rising, and only know them somewhat superficially.

There is less likely to be the unpredictability that occurs when Aquarius is the Sun-sign. There can also be a tendency to be dogmatic, and a dislike of admitting that one is wrong. But liveliness will not be lacking, and there will be a great willingness to try new and interesting things. There will also be a sympathy with the younger generation, and much less huffy disapproval than is often the case when other signs rise.

Organizational abilities will be very good, and the powerful humanitarian qualities of Aquarius will emerge, especially when others need help. Here is someone who will take over and cope extremely well under difficult conditions.

Reactions to emotional relationships are particularly interesting. This is anyway a somewhat complex area for the Aquarius type, but it takes on interesting and different dimensions when Aquarius rises, because of the influence of the polar or opposite sign, Leo. Here we have someone who at best will give terrific encouragement and support to their partners, while at the same time making sure there is time for them to continue to develop their own individual interests. 

Here too is a tendency to be bossy, and to "take over" rather than share. Care is needed that this possibly negative trait is controlled. When Aquarius is rising, the emotional and sex-life should be extremely rewarding and fulfilling, though we must not forget that this too needs to be spiced with plenty of variety and originality, as is the case with the Sun-sign Aquarian, whether he or she is independent or committed to a permanent relationship.

Pisces as Rising-sign

When Pisces rises, there seems to be no question that the characteristics of the sign will work at the deepest level of the personality. Here, perhaps more than in any other case, the Sun-sign will dominate, but underlying that particular set of characteristics will be the sensitivity and emotion, and every other quality that is quintessentially Piscean, working both positively and negatively. 

Those who get to know well someone with Pisces rising will develop their astrological technique considerably, because of the very clear-cut way in which the two elements of the chart emerge in this particular combination, irrespective of the Sun-sign. 

Pisces rising does not make for a wishy-washy kind of person, for there is a powerfully critical edge which will chiefly surface in the individual's reaction to a partner, and will hardly ever be expressed to colleagues or friends. 

They do not suffer fools gladly, even if they seem to when in argument or in direct personal contact. Their critical attitudes and complaints about other people's stupidity will emerge in conversation with the wife or husband at the end of the day, and encouragement will have to be given them to take defensive action as and where necessary. 

This placing will take the harsh edge off most Sun-sign types and add a delightful gentle quality; but Piscean faults must be recognized and countered.

Aries as Moon-sign

The instinctive reaction to all situations when the Moon is in Aries will be a fast one, leading to immediate action. This may or may not be a good thing, and it is very much up to the Moon-in-Aries type to channel this excellent decisive response in such a way that it will work for and not against him. Only experience of life and the making of many mistakes enable him to do this. But quick decisions will in the end prove right for this particular individual. 

The tendency to succumb to impulsive and premature action will in due course be controlled, usually by the utilization of the characteristics of the Rising- or Sun-sign, when the directness and forthright, uncomplicated qualities of Aries will come into their own in an extremely positive way.

Because the tendency is to respond to situations in a selfish way, care is needed to ensure that this aspect of the sign does not mar all kinds of relationships; not giving enough consideration to others, for example, could be hurtful. 

Other than that, the fire and enthusiasm of Moon in Aries does a great deal for them, and they inspire and motivate action in other people in a very special, individual and positive way.

Taurus as Moon-sign

When the Moon is in Taurus, its influence is of even greater strength and importance than in most other cases. Immediate reactions to situations will be slow, but once an opinion is formed the individual will speak up with determination and authority, making opinions known in a few impressive sentences. 

Yet again the need for security is present, but it is an immediate reaction rather than an essential factor. Moon in Taurus could easily take calculated risks for instance, once having thought out the situation with care. 

Taurean possessiveness will be a very basic reaction when emotional security is challenged, and a tendency towards a rather old-fashioned outlook is characteristic, though according to other prominent signs in the chart the individual may well loathe such a reaction and do everything to fight it. 

This placing gives a lot of basic common sense and determination. Stubbornness may have to be negated, as with Sun- and Rising-sign Taureans, but again it will appear as a first reaction, or when the individual is young and hasn't yet learned that there are other, better ways in which to carve one's progress. 

This placing lays some excellent sound "foundations" to the personality, but any slowness of response may have to be countered.

Gemini as Moon-sign

Reactions to situations will be remarkably quick. Short, relevant answers to questions, witty responses, and a straight-to-the-point directness will do much to put the Moon-in-Gemini type way out in front. But it will be left to other planetary placings to help him or her to get the most from this excellent initial advantage. 

Restlessness, and the need for constant change, might become a problem, and the instinctive response will in no way be an intuitive or emotional one. On the contrary, it will spring straight from the most logical, intellectually orientated reasoning, and in a flash the individual will not only instantly grasp the situation, but be in a very strong position to use knowledge and experience, almost as if that in itself is instinctive rather than any deep-rooted intuition. 

A tendency to appear lacking in real interest and concern for other people is something that the Moon-in-Gemini type should be aware of and should watch. To do this, they should make a conscious effort to get involved in other people's projects and to listen to what they have to say, thereby adopting a more caring and sensitive attitude. They probably have that already, in reality, but could easily give the impression that this is not so, lively and positive though their responses will be. 

Deep concentration will not come easily or naturally, and this too is something that may need conscious development, using other planetary influences and that of the individual's Rising-sign.

There may be some lack of real depth of feeling, though this may well be countered by other planets' placings. 

Moon in Gemini contributes a lot that is positive simply because it is such a rational and logical influence.

Cancer as Moon-sign

Because the Moon rules Cancer and has such a powerful bearing on our instincts, intuition, and emotions, the Cancerian characteristics will be very strong indeed in someone with the Moon in this sign. 

Instincts and intuition are such an integral part of this individual's personality that he or she must be consciously aware of the forces working within them, and on such an important part of their being.

Cancerian tenacity is perhaps even stronger when the Moon is in this sign, and persistence of effort and strength of will will make themselves felt. But Moon-in-Cancer types are not usually stubborn, and because of the need to respond kindly and in a caring way, they will at once attempt to bring other characteristics into play to counter any seemingly harsh initial reactions. 

This is essentially a placing that augurs well for parenthood; but mothers who have these immensely powerful protective and caring instincts must make an effort not to become like clucking hens with their chicks. 

Sweeping and very quick changes of mood are often present.

If individuals feel that they are psychic or have a "sixth sense", they should not smother this instinct, but allow it to develop in its own way. Then, if so inclined, they should seek proper training to enable them to get the best from it.

However, controlling a near torrent of emotion and not allowing small problems to get out of perspective, is also extremely important to their physical and psychological well-being.

Leo as Moon-sign

The immediate response of anyone with the Moon in Leo will be to take situations into their own hands, and to cope very well, becoming a good source of inspiration to others. This ability is really a very natural one, and one which cannot usually be quashed. Provided that there is conscious awareness that these extremely powerful responses and instincts should be controlled, those who have the Moon in this sign are capable of achieving a great deal. The taking of action, the immediate release of enthusiasm and emotion are really characteristic, because this placing causes others to "sit up and take notice". 

There is an above-average number of famous people with the Moon in Leo and most of them are capable, in one way or another, of swaying the masses. 

Because the immediate response to most situations can be likened to the lyric "Anything you can do, I can do better", the Moon-sign Leo gives the impression that he or she wants to come out on top, and indeed to "top" anybody else's actions or abilities. The bossiness of the sign at once emerges, hence this rather daunting reputation. 

A tendency to be autocratic and dogmatic must be controlled, as must the use of the big, sweeping statement (or indeed gesture), which other less self-assured and extrovert people may find unpleasant, or at the least somewhat embarrassing.

Moon-in-Leo people may well have to learn the hard way, for when they are young, the need to "make the right impression" has tremendous appeal. In reality, the "right impression" may simply appear as big-headedness, and be quite the wrong impression, lacking humility. 

The ability to cope in tricky situations and to do so with determination and immediacy is also a strong characteristic, and will no doubt be a considerable help.

Virgo as Moon-sign

The Moon works well from Virgo, since it intensifies the speed at which the individual reacts to all situations. That reaction is practical, helpful, and extremely logical. This makes them sharp in debate and argument, and they will accept nothing as fact until they have crosschecked the source of the information or questioned whoever first made it.

This placing often encourages an attraction to the medical or caring professions, because the need to help others is strong, but it can cool, or at least over-rationalize the emotions, and it is up to the individual to realize that this may be so, and to make quite sure that the process has no adverse effect on psychological development or well-being. 

This also makes for an extremely down-to-earth and sensible, reliable person, who will help anyone solve their difficulties, but equally will not allow slacking or put up with lackadaisical behavior.

As is the case with Sun- and Rising-sign Virgoans, there is often literary talent, and writing can become an important and rewarding occupation. 

There will also be a strong tendency to curb extravagance a conflict indeed for those whose Sun- or Rising-signs veer towards luxury and expense. Remember, however, that the tendency will, as with all Moon characteristics, be the initial response. 

While worry will also be something to cope with, the Rising- and Sun-signs will in most cases help the individual to come to terms with that problem. Should they not get enough support from Sun- or Rising-signs, it will be as well for them to follow the advice given under the Sun-sign heading.

Libra as Moon-sign

The immediate response could well appear to be lackadaisical. There will be no rushing into sudden action, and the appearance of calm will be notable. 

People with the Moon in Libra are excellent in a crisis, since they do not panic; they will wait calmly until told what to do, then take action. They can also under such circumstances calm others who are scared or nervous. 

There is in such cases an element of bravery when the Moon is in Libra again something which probably relates to the Aries polar sign and it is useful. 

Kindness and a sympathetic response are also paramount: here is a good listener, someone who will at once try to make life easier for other people, a peacemaker at a moment's notice. This is the right person to calm two warring factors and to do a great deal indeed to ease any kind of strain. 

The most dominant factor is the air of peace that surrounds them. Maybe even more than a Sun-sign Libra, those with the Moon in that sign will speak in rather a drawling fashion, and steer a right-down-the-middle course in argument and debate.

Scorpio as Moon-sign

Sudden outbursts of emotion and the expression of powerful feelings occur when the Moon is in Scorpio. Certainly this creates an immediate impression, but it is one that can be very different indeed from the real person, who may have another set of characteristics totally different to the intensity and strength of Scorpio. 

Nevertheless such people will achieve a great deal, and if making others sit up and take notice has anything to do with it, they score very high indeed. 

Here we have people of action who will respond with all their strength and energy. They can also inspire others to take action and get things moving, but they will do this by degrees in many circumstances, gradually adding the weight of their opinions and taking time to influence others or to get the better of opponents. 

Emotions will be powerful, and those close to them will soon learn when and under what kind of circumstances they will surface. 

Any situation which might provoke jealousy will certainly provide an opportunity for an emotional outburst. However, if these powerful sources of energy are controlled and positively directed, here is real inner strength indeed.

Sagittarius as Moon-sign

There will be a quick, enthusiastic response to all situations; here is someone who will never "beat about the bush", and will come up with a ready and understandable answer. If suggestions are needed the chances are that they will be practical and sensible, and backed up by wisdom. 

There are considerable resources of emotion, but the way in which these will be channeled will be very much related to other dominating factors of the chart, and to how the planets work for the individual concerned. 

Hopefully these resources will flourish and help the Moon-in-Sagittarius type to flourish too; but if that is not the case, astrology could be of enormous help to the person concerned, since he or she may be able to use other strengths and areas of their personalities to achieve a more positive expression. 

A lot will depend on how other people react to them; youngsters in this group who come up with some lively imaginative scheme which is either ignored or over criticized by parents will feel deflated. 

As a result when grown up they may well display a tendency to express an extremely off-hand manner "see if I care" or "so what, what does it matter anyway" a clear signal that Moon in Sagittarius is not responding well to present situations, and is also far from fully integrated into the personality as a whole. 

But here too is splendid potential, and the will to make much of what talent is present.

Capricorn as Moon-sign

Those with the Moon in Capricorn will react to situations and people very coolly and calmly indeed, perhaps to the point where an element of remoteness surrounds them. 

In addition, they will want to come out on top, and may at times have a tendency to look down their noses at other people's suggestions. 

Here, however, the Capricornian off-beat sense of humor will assert itself, with a shrewd degree of truth, and an amusing turn of phrase. 

But there will also be the Capricorn tendency to grumble about anything that goes unexpectedly wrong: the lateness of the bus, the lack of certain items in the supermarket, and so on. Then, having had their moan, Moon in Capricorn will give way to their Sun- and Rising-sign characteristics, and will probably hate themselves for their instant, impatient reaction.

It is important for those with this placing to understand fully all the characteristics of Capricorn, and to discover just how these work for them on the instinctive level. Because so many are strong and powerful, they can get a great deal that is really practical and helpful from their Moon-sign, since here, as in the case when Capricorn rises, is a good foundation to the personality. 

Their immediate reaction, for instance, will be an ambitious one. They will want to think and plan big. Let them go on from there. 

But if Moon in Capricorn is making them fearful and apprehensive when someone puts an idea to them, then they should consciously try to overcome their lack of self-confidence, and to help them do so they must really convince themselves of the truth that they have many fine, aspiring qualities.

Aquarius as Moon-sign

Here the Moon shines with a clear brilliance, as on a frosty winter's night. There is real glamour and dynamic power of attraction, and those coming into contact with a Moon-in-Aquarius type will at once get the impression of someone who is different in some way that they probably cannot quite pin down. This gives such people an intriguing appeal. 

The expression of emotion is filtered, in the first instance, and it may take quite a while, according to the sort of situation being encountered, for the full expression of the individual's Sun-sign to emerge. The immediate response will be quick, certainly, and there will be absolutely no lack of kindness and help (given very freely if it is needed)

Likewise, Moon in Aquarius will also be moved by human suffering, and will do everything possible to help eliminate it; the true Aquarian spirit will emerge here just as much as when Aquarius is the Sun- or Rising-sign.

The unpredictability of the sign will make its presence felt in the need to take immediate action, so we must be ready for the unexpected from those with this placing, especially at times of decision-making. With experience, it will work well for them, but they may have had to learn from a whole cluster of stupid mistakes along the way. 

There is no doubt that the Moon in Aquarius gives some splendid potential, and as back-up for the development of talent instilled by the Sun- and Rising-signs, it is excellent. This is because of the unique originality which is so much a part of the whole Aquarian principle.

Warmth, passion, and the expression of true feelings will have to be taken care of by other planets. They are not, on the whole, strong features of the Moon in Aquarius; though those of this sign can be surprisingly romantic and sentimental in an interesting way when they let their hair down.

Pisces as Moon-sign

Because the Moon has a powerful effect on our emotions and intuitions, and because Pisces is a sign denoting a high level of both, the sign and the planet complement each other very well. 

Anyone with Pisces as Moon-sign will have a high level of emotion and intuition, and both qualities will surface readily, especially when the individual comes into contact with suffering, cruelty, or poor living conditions. 

He or she will want to help, but to do so in a constructive and practical way will need to call upon the characteristics of the Sun- and Rising-sign. Yet again, the Moon can be seen to be the source of immediate response. 

When Pisces is the Moon-sign the tendency to deceive to take the easy way out of difficult situations will be a constant temptation. The quick answer which is not precisely true, or a total untruth in some small, insignificant circumstance will be easiest, or so Moon in Pisces will think.

This is a "Moon fault" other levels of the personality will probably dislike. Conscious awareness of it is the way to grow out of it, as is of course the knowledge that it can lead to endless confusion in the long run but that has to be learned the hard way. 

The imagination should be recognized, and used creatively in some way, and the individual will then get a great deal that is truly positive from it.